2020-2021: A Year in Review


Leah Schroeder

A reflection on various notable events throughout our unusual school year.

It’s safe to say that the 2020-2021 school year will be remembered as a year like no other. Cancelations and modifications of many school-year traditions have been chalked up to the disaster that this past year was. While we may have begun the school year by clicking on “launch meeting,” on our last day of school, we will walk out of the building. If nothing else, this school year has taught us to be grateful for even the smallest moments. Through the many disappointments that this past year has held, we cannot let all of the small victories slip under the radar. Instead of characterizing this school year as a disappointment, we must find gratitude for all of the progress that we have made and all of the small moments that we were lucky enough to have. Here is a walk through our school year.

Year in Review