Courtesy of Lauren Reusch

Librarian Lauren Reusch receives her first dose at a Walgreens clinic.

Lauren Reusch

Now fully vaccinated, librarian Lauren Reusch underwent several different obstacles along the way. In March, Reusch travelled to Illinois in order to find a vaccination. 

“My biggest fear was that they would turn me away and not give me the vaccine. I was nervous they would tell me that because I didn’t live in [Illinois] I couldn’t get the vaccine there,” Reusch said.

Reusch was successful in receiving her shot, and says that the vaccination experience lasted less than 30 minutes. 

“I think it was a relief. I was relieved that soon I would be able to come to work and not feel scared, hug my parents and not feel scared to live my life and not feel scared,” Reusch said.

About 70% of the individuals in the Moderna and Pfizer trials experienced non-threatening side-effects, and Reusch faced similar issues. Based on her experience, she would advise taking 24 to 36 hours to recover following the second dose. 

I would tell them to expect the worst feeling sick and if they feel fine, they got lucky. Not everyone gets sick, but I did, and I was down and out for about 24 hours,” Reusch said. “It was like having the flu. I had a fever, aches, chills [and an] upset stomach. I didn’t get out of bed for 24 hours, but when it was over, it was over. I didn’t feel sick the next day.”

Despite the side effects Reusch experienced, she looks to the future with hopes for more opportunities after receiving the vaccine. 

“I feel great. I am much less anxious to do some of the things that I have been avoiding so long.  I am glad to be able to do my part to protect myself and others from this virus that has caused so much pain for so many,” Reusch said. “I think the fear of going out and being around others in social situations was the worst part [of COVID-19]. Hopefully the vaccination will help this, it is still too soon to know.

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