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Audrey Ghosh

Audrey Ghosh, Opinions Editor

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What is your favorite piece of literature? "Anna Karenina."

Who is your hero? My grandma.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pizza (with different toppings).

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On March 2, West High’s Robotics team competed in the state competition, in which the B team placed ninth and the A team qualified for the world championship. Senior Lillian Dwyer is a notebooker and strategist in robotics. “Robotics is one of the many STEM opportunities offered at West High that is an enjoyable experience for anyone looking to go into engineering or science. I highly recommend joining it, because outside of school, it is fun to talk and hang out with people who are also excited about STEM and willing to dedicate time and energy to work on engineering projects,” Dwyer said. (Photos are courtesy of Mikalah Owens)

STEM mayhem

Audrey Ghosh, Opinion's Editor
March 25, 2024
Freshmen Cole Barton and Preston Priest make origami flowers during free time in their Drawing 1 class. Both gained an affinity for origami through the internet and further practiced this art under the guidance of West High Drawing 1 teacher Kat Briggs. “Their origami pieces are especially intricate. Both use multiple small pieces of paper that fold and interlock, enabling their sculptures to move and also simulate textures. They also use very precise folds, and I appreciate the careful craftsmanship that [goes] into their art,” Briggs said.

Origami artisans

Audrey Ghosh, Opinions Editor
October 18, 2023
The last day of school comes with a breath of relief, but for high school students, this momentary rest soon flutters away as we rush to pursue our summer plans.

Brighter days ahead

Audrey Ghosh, Opinions Editor
June 1, 2023
Senior Alan Song (fourth from the left in the back row) poses for a picture with his peers at the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp. His stay included lectures, labs and problem-solving events guided by head mentor Joseph Houck, a chemistry professor at Penn State University. We did a bit too many labs, but despite the challenge and the immense back pain I got from working all day, it was a great experience. I got to meet these incredibly hardworking and talented students and it left me feeling inspired, Song said.

Keeping his ion the prize

Audrey Ghosh, Awards Coordinator
October 3, 2022
Junior Ryan Feng meets with Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe. Feng managed the head of the red and yellow lion when they performed. “Even with all the performances, fireworks, parades and shows, the best part of the Lunar New Year is family. Being able to just come together and eat good food, like dumplings or even hot pot,” Feng said.

Dancing into the year of the tiger

Audrey Ghosh, Staff Writer
February 1, 2022
As senior Rick Biswas reads a packet, junior and Scholar Bowl Executive Captain Owen Arneson keeps track of senior Kevin Zhengs and the rest of his teammates points. Doing this at each of the Scholar Bowl teams practices three times a week allowed Arneson to figure out categories he and his teammates have improved in. Senior and Strategic Captain Anna Csiki-Fejer (not pictured) then helps players find resources to improve in categories the team doesnt cover as well. Im excited to go to tournaments, see some new people and competition, Arneson said. ​We were at a really good spot dedication-wise at the end of last season, but how much more dedication Im already seeing this year looks like a really good sign to me. I love seeing my teammates play well, show good teamwork and have a good time; it makes me really excited to see just how well we can do this year.​

[Photo] Photo of the Week – Sept. 17

Brinda Ambal, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief
September 17, 2021
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