Max Brophy


Angie Ren

“I grew up in Oslo, Norway, where I lived until I was 8. My family and I moved to St. Louis since my parents thought Norway was too cold year-round. When we moved here, it was pretty hard because I didn’t know how to speak English, and everything about my surroundings was different. I had to pick up English quickly, which changed my personality in some ways because it was hard to talk to people. Not knowing how to speak English made me a little more independent and less social, and I started to seclude myself from others because I couldn’t talk to them. Right now, I still can be slightly anti-social, but I have become more comfortable because of how long it’s been. My family and I still visit Norway almost every year, and I love to ski there because there are really big mountains and it snows a lot. Even though my family and I moved to a different country, we still carry out our old Norwegian traditions. I speak Norwegian to my family at home, and we always watch Norwegian movies together.” – Max Brophy, 11