Parting the curtain separating the senior lounge from the senior hallway, senior Nolan Barbre walks the red carpet the morning of Thursday, Sept.12. In honor of the senior class theme for Homecoming week, West Coast Glam, Barbre dressed up as singer/songwriter Elton John. “This has been the best spirit week I’ve seen in all four years, just because of the participation. I see a lot more people participating, everyone’s doing it rather than just the upperclassmen. Glam Day has been my favorite day so far because I got to dress up as Elton John.”

Photo of the week – Sept. 9

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor September 13, 2019

Aside from learning rowing techniques and mindset skills, junior Emma Wistuba also spends time bonding with friends during her month-long stay. The girls resided in dorm rooms and spent breaks getting to know one another. “There are always going to be people that you don't get along [with] and ODP helped me overcome that. I knew I wasn't going to [immediately] get along with everybody, so I went out of my way to be nice and do things,” Wistuba said. “One night, the whole floor came into my room, and we started making friendship bracelets. That's what we did, and we just had fun. That's important for my future because I'm going to have to do that around people who I really don't like, and it's important that you can take those people and turn them into people that you can be friends with.”

Olympic Rowing Development Camp trains junior Emma Wistuba for success

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer September 6, 2019

An email pops in junior Emma Wistuba’s inbox from the US Rowing Olympic Development Camp (ODP). “Congratulations,” it reads, “You’re accepted!” Submitting an application led to Wistuba’s...

Matthys-Pearce shows off a skill she’s been working on to take to the regional competition April 13. Visualization and repetition are tools Matthys-Pearce uses to help her pin down her skills during practice, along with keeping a positive attitude. “I have a script written out that I say of all my mental cues, so I don’t get in my head and worry. I do this in practice too, so it’s the same. I really work to keep it more consistent. I started it this year and have already seen a huge improvement in my consistency,” Matthys-Pearce said. “During the routine I tell myself to just breathe and enjoy it because you don’t get to do gymnastics all your life. It’s a very limited time, so you’ve just got to enjoy it.”

Freshman Paige Matthys-Pearce brings dedication and perseverance to Regionals

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer April 12, 2019

The gym is a blur of activity, a whirlwind of nerves, excitement and raw competition. In the midst of it all, standing proud in a pink and black sparkly leotard, is freshman Paige Matthys-Pearce: winner...

Dressed in dark blue scrubs, juniors Mckenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson get ready for a day of work at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Bendle worked in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) while Wilson volunteered in the Outpatient Surgery Unit. “The most rewarding part is actually seeing the how the nurses and surgeons are able to take a patient, perform surgery on them, and help them in a way that they couldn't do themselves,” Wilson said. “Seeing the way patients are so happy when they find out the surgery went just as planned and that they are on their way to a successful recovery is so outstanding.”

Juniors Mckenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson dedicate their summer to the Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor August 31, 2018

While some students spent their summer vacation relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere or saving money with a part-time job, juniors McKenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson decided to improve their medical skills...

Covered head to toe in mud, senior Harper Stewart poses with a cabin mate after venturing out to a nearby swamp. Along with spontaneous mud wars, campers went wakeboarding, jet skiing and practiced their archery skills. “One of my favorite memories would be having a mud war. It looked like a scene straight out of ‘Shrek,’” Stewart said. “I had algae and mud stuck in my ears for the next week.”

Senior Harper Stewart returns to Camp Foley as a first-year counselor

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor August 29, 2018

After attending Camp Foley in Pine River, Minn. for three years as a camper, senior Harper Stewart returned this summer to work as an intern camp counselor. “While being a camper, I had participated...

Mouth dropping in shock, junior Harmauhny Faulkner clutches onto a cooler full of water balloons as she is pelted by her classmates. The Junior Class began the tradition of a water balloon fight on the last day of school as a way to kick off their last summer before senior year.

Photo of the week – May 21

Carly Anderson , Copy Editor May 25, 2018

Photo illustration

Students protest against gun control

Lydia Roseman, Staff Writer May 2, 2018

While recent walkouts and protests against gun laws in our community continue to raise media coverage, there is a side to the story that has not been widely shared: those who advocate against gun control...

People of West: Bailey Goughenour

Susie Seidel, Staff Writer April 19, 2018
Junior Bailey Goughenour reflects on her development as an artist and how it made her who she is today.
Sophomore Sabrina Bohn stands in front of the fence facing Clayton Road after decorating it with the phrase “Keep Us Safe” written in solo cups. Sophomores Lydia Harter, Carly Anderson and Emma Caplinger helped Bohn decorate the fence. “It is so important for young people to make sure their voices are heard,” Caplinger said. “The cups are to make sure that the issue is remembered past the day of the walkout, and so the community can hear our voices too.”

Students participate in a national school walkout

Lydia Roseman, Staff Writer April 17, 2018

In light of recent events, students and teachers chose to stand up and walk out of class on March 14 at 10 a.m. to protest gun laws in the United States. To show their support for the 17 victims of the...

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