Photo Gallery: Teachers share their Prom experiences

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  • English teacher Shannan Cremeens attended Prom in 1986 at Scotland County High School. "I went all four years [since] small towns do things differently," Cremeens said.

    Shannan Cremeens

  • English teacher Diana Fox attends Prom with David Vaporean at Notre Dame High School. "Our dance was at the Planetarium at the Science Center so it looked like we were dancing under the stars, and if you were lucky you even saw a shooting star," Fox said.

    Diana Fox

  • Rachel Bernhardt from the math academic support center attends Sikeston High School's Prom in 2008. "What I remember most is how hot it was in the cafeteria because the decorations covered from the ceiling to the floor so the AC wasn't working right," Bernhardt said.

    Rachel Bernhardt

  • Math teacher Kristin Judd attends Fort Zumwalt South Prom with Nick Beste. "He was 6'4" so he had to go to a knee to fit both of us and the background in the picture," Judd said.

    Kristin Judd

  • At McCluer North's Prom art teacher Peggy Dunsworth holds her bouquet. "Prom was held at the Pipefitter's Hall. We went in a group of five couples and the girls rented a limousine, which was uncommon back then," Dunsworth said.

    Peggy Dunsworth

  • Freshman class secretary Kitty Strong and her date Paul Barnabee attend Prom in East Islip, NY in 1983. "I loved dancing, and to me, that was the best part," Strong said.

    Kitty Strong

  • In May 1997, math teacher Patrick Mooney spends Prom with Malinda Mallory. "We did an After Prom Experience (APE) at my high school. It is like a grad party here, but instead of after graduation, we did it after Prom. [It was nice to] enjoy the camaraderie one last time before we graduated," Mooney said.

    Patrick Mooney

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