The importance of being thankful during COVID-19

During this worry-filled time it is important that people take time for themselves and think about what they are thankful for.
November 16, 2020

What is something that you’re thankful for?  This is the question that many people are asked during the month of November because of its association with Thanksgiving. But really, name one thing that...

An open glance at men’s rights activism in the wake of feminism

The division in the discussion of gender equality does not help feminism, nor does it help men’s rights activism.
March 24, 2020

People today are more eager than ever to join in discussions about gender equality in terms of feminism. When you bring up, though, that men also face issues specific to their gender, and that these issues...

Why you shouldn’t be freaking out about the new coronavirus

What should you be freaking out about instead? A lot of things.
The opinions expressed in this article reflect the opinions of the author at the time of publishing. The situation has changed, and will keep changing. We recommend that you keep yourself up to date and educated by following news from official sources such as,, or
February 7, 2020

News sites are overflowing with stories about the novel coronavirus spreading from Wuhan, China’s wholesale seafood market. They caution against travelling, post alarming statistics and generally predict...

Permanent Daylight Savings Time would have positive effect on students

Fred Matamoros illustration of Dali-esque melting clock with fall leaves; can be used with stories about setting clocks back in the fall. (The Orange County Register/MCT)
November 4, 2019

Every first Sunday of November, students gain one hour of sleep back, while every second Sunday of March, we lose one as finals and the spring sports season looms. With “fall back” approaching quickly,...

Parkway West’s dress code is sexist

Photo illustration of two students standing side by side.
February 3, 2017

Dress codes are an often debated policy, from courtrooms to the desks of lawmakers. The controversial point is sexism, whether these codes enforce an ulterior agenda or if they promote a safe learning...

Students’ thoughts on the Terrence Roberts assembly

Students' thoughts on the Terrence Roberts assembly
October 22, 2015
Hear what the students thought of Roberts' speech!

Quiz: Can you handle the horrors of high school?

Quiz: Can you handle the horrors of high school?
October 21, 2015
Hot dogs, heart rates and history! Oh my!
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