Virtual connection: Student interactions during online school

While completing online schoolwork, seniors Irene Yannakakis and Anna Pavilsin share a laugh. Yannakakis has been seeking hangouts as a way to connect with her friends during virtual learning. “I have done online school with my friends a couple times, but it's basically just us sitting on our computers with our headphones in,” Yannakakis said. “Although it's nice to have someone next to you, it would be way better to be in school.”
October 6, 2020

To counter new COVID-19 rules students are finding ways to remain connected in the virtual world of learning.  Junior Ella Mercer: As students miss eating lunch with their peers, junior Ella Mercer...

Senior Sam Goedde and freshman Jack Goedde’s work ethic ‘set’ them up for success as volleyball teammates

Wearing their varsity jerseys, brothers Jack and Sam Goedde smile for a photo. This year, the brothers had the opportunity to play on the same volleyball team, but their season was cut to only two weeks due to the outbreak of COVID-19. “I know that Jack worked extremely hard to prepare for this season so that he would have a chance to make varsity and play with Sam,” boys varsity volleyball coach Susan Anderson said. “Had [they] been able to play, I know they would have pushed each other on the court and really bonded.”
April 22, 2020

From practicing volleyball in their front yard to sharing the varsity court, senior Sam Goedde and freshman Jack Goedde took their bond to a new level as teammates on the boys varsity volleyball team....

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