6. When parents are the problem

A primary outlet for parents to connect, ask questions and provide information for each other is through the Parkway West parent page on Facebook, however, some posts do not emulate effective communication and overall respect. 

Pathfinder Editorial Board

September 30, 2019

“My daughter will not be participating in this nonsense,” “More Lefty Stuff,” “I think being offended has become a hobby for some people.” Irrational, rude and uncalled for comments circulate social media throughout the school year; what is unexpected is that these comments come from pare...

Ultra-runner tackles Track

Signs line the side of the trail at the Mark Twain 100 miler, a race Weber recently participated in. Finishing with almost thirty other runners, Weber started the race on September 13 and ran for more than 30 hours.

Emily Dickson, Staff Writer

April 6, 2015

This spring, West welcomed an “ultra-runner” to the coaching staff.

All roads lead to West: Storify

All roads lead to West: Storify

Jacob Cupps, Editor-in-Chief

October 13, 2014

The Students and Staff of Parkway West describe Homecoming Week on Social Media.

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