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Theater students help nurses train for emergency situations

A nurse comforts freshman Kaitlyn Barnes playing a role of having severe head injury. The training was for the school nurses of Parkway. “It felt real because a lot of the people there are used to acting and were really into it,” sophomore Grace Eschbach said. “It would take a second to be like ‘okay, this is not real. This is just a practice.’ And the people who were training were so on top of it, it felt even more real.”

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

January 7, 2020

With pencils impaled in abdomens, bleeding arms and a number of other fake injuries applied with makeup, a group of 13 theater students helped all of Parkway’s nurses train for a mass casualty situation. The practice scenario was for damage inflicted by a tornado.  “The injuries were whatever could possibly...

Emergency drills: practice isn’t making perfect

Students stand in the field behind the school during a fire drill Oct. 24 after taking an hour of the day to practice emergency drills. This day of practice followed a real fire alarm Oct. 23.

Pathfinder Staff

October 31, 2018

The shrill, deafening sound of the emergency alarm echoes through the halls as students rush towards exits, teachers yelling at them to stay with their class and meet in their designated area. The stairwells are packed with moving students, the thunder of footsteps drowning out what little directions are ...

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