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Cindy Phung

Cindy Phung, A&E Editor

Pronouns: they/she

Grade: 11

Years on staff: 3

What is your favorite piece of literature? "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.

Who is your hero? My dad.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi.

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With the sun setting in the background, English ASC Kristen Witt and her husband, Aaron Witt, wear matching team shirts for the Siesta Key Crystal Classic International Sand Sculpting Festival. In 2021, they ran out of time for matching team shirts and instead wore ‘West is Best’ shirts, while in 2022, they made custom couple shirts. “This year, [Aaron] decided to have them made. On the front, it said ‘Team Witt,’ and on the back, it had ‘24,’ for how many years we have been married, and it [reads], ‘24 years of playing in the sand together,’” Kristen said.

Sand-sational castles

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer
March 2, 2023
“[The best piece of advice I have received was] to let people do what they want. I think that would be the most impactful piece of advice Ive ever been given, [by] my partner at the time. Its something she would say a lot whenever I would get upset. Eighth grade to freshman year was that whole period where I was really judgy and had really strong opinions on things that I shouldnt have. I was too much. I think if I met myself my freshman year, I would punch me in the face, but I think a lot of people would probably say that. I grew up in a household where [if] you’re a girl, you wear this and if you’re a dude, you wear that. And so all my ideas were just copy and pasted of [my family’s] ideas. It was just a preference that was embedded in my preteen years and that I ditched when I realized it was stupid. Look at me now. Im not at all dressing stereotypically feminine. So Id say that would be an example of gender roles and clothing being something I used to really be a badger on. Now I’m like whatever. I think [this advice] really helped me build character and become my true self. Because a lot of my judging people for what they were wearing was almost a projection of myself and being upset that I couldnt wear what I wanted to wear because of the way that I was raised. [I] took it out on other people that were able to do what they wanted. Getting this advice to stay in your lane was just good [for me], I took it and now I’m living better.” – Mac Winter, 12

Mac Winter

Cindy Phung, CJ1 Writer
April 22, 2022
Sophomore Inaya Chishti shows her cow, Rosie, at last year’s Washington Town & Country Fair, where she won first place. After having a great season with Rosie, Chishti has looked forward to showing Rosie and her baby, a cow-calf pair, because she has never shown the same animal twice in a row. “It’s just a lot of work that you pour into this one animal, and then you dont get to show them again because its a lot on the animal. And so we normally just let them go into the field, but Rosie was a really good show animal. She showed herself, [and] I didnt need to be there. I could let go of the halter and just scratch her, and she would just stand there,” Chishti said. “Im excited [to show her] because I love her, and shes actually named after me. My middle name is Rose.”

Here for the Herefords

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer
April 18, 2022
Reenacting a plushie parody, sophomore Gabe Waltrip prepares for his next YouTube video.

The Super Sonic Guardian

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer
March 3, 2022
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