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Quiet Zone mandate to be enforced around the senior lounge to protect the rights of seniors

Seniors Peyton Gaskill, Dani Fischer and Zach Poscover take a much-needed snooze in the senior lounge. The senior lounge exists so that seniors can sleep during the school day. “My favorite part of senior year is staying up late so I can sleep at school,” Fischer said. “School is so fun.”

Maria Newton, Features Editor

October 25, 2018

Due to the large number of slumbering students in the senior lounge, senior class presidents Bella Hatzigeorgiou and MJ Stricker have decided to construct a soundproof box around the collection of priceless, vintage couches. The glass will also be tinted so that seniors do not have to suffer from brig...

The search is over: restroom reviews

The search is over: restroom reviews

Maddie Cooke, Peyton Gaskill, and Andrew Li

October 9, 2018

27 total bathrooms 1st Floor Outside the Cafeteria Music Hallway Theater Science Hallway Locker Rooms 2nd Floor North Gym Main Entrance Nurses Office Math Wing Business/FACS hallway 3rd Floor Art Hallway English/Foreign Language Social Studies ...

How to fail your finals: a comprehensive guide (with pictures)

How to fail your finals: a comprehensive guide (with pictures)

Justin Cupps, Conceptual Editor in Chief

May 18, 2018

WikiHow boasts a search engine for “How to do anything.” However, if you were to hypothetically search how to “fail final exams,” you would be riddled with disappointment upon only finding a seemingly endless set of links on how to pass. So, out of professional courtesy to WikiHow and a sense ...

The search is over: water fountains ranked

The search is over: water fountains ranked

Andrew Li and Peyton Gaskill

May 2, 2018

3rd Floor Art Hallway Thickness: 7 Consistency: 4 Pressure: 8 Aesthetic: 6 Taste: 7 Temperature: 8 Cleanliness: 8 Convenience: 6 Ease of use: 7 Bonus Features: 5 (double fountain) Total: 66/100 Tucked in a light-traffic, but relevant hallway, this double fountain has strong press...

The scoop on parking

The senior lot sits packed with cars.

Nell Jaskowiak, Opinions editor

April 23, 2018

After countless hours of research and experimental tests, the Parkway West Pathfinder has developed a (semi)objective analysis of the on-campus parking options for those students that drive to school. The following map depicts all parking areas along with walk time to the building**, the most convenient...

Lunchroom memes: an AirDrop Phenomenon

This internet meme, dubbed “Dog wearing a mask at dino park” (c. 2017) came as a new exhibit to the Parkway West cafeteria earlier this year. While some find this meme–and most any meme–humorous, some artists become irked with other artists who do not pour effort into their craft. “You get some people who just screenshot instagram posts without cropping them, and that’s just annoying. Then a majority of memes are actually just really bad and not funny,” sophomore Quinn Davies said.

Justin Cupps and Katie Spillman

March 23, 2018

With iPhones rife throughout the student body and the rising popularity of internet memes, the cafeteria is a hotbed for a new Postmodern-Surrealism communal art exhibit of AirDroppedTM lunchroom memes. “I was on my phone with my friend one time and we were going through pictures, and then we rememb...

Video: ASMR – Teacher Edition

Video: ASMR - Teacher Edition

Maddie Cooke and Hannah Hoffmann

February 7, 2018

*This work of the Pathfinder Broken Compass is entirely satirical. According to a survey conducted by the Broken Compass, 12 out of 4 students (some people took the survey multiple times) admitted to having extreme stress and anxiety due to the pressures of school. The Broken Compass values the s...

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