Stephanie Fussner


Amelia Bothmann

“I really enjoy playing soccer and I want to go far with it. It’s hard especially during my fall season because I was playing softball through school and club soccer for three teams. It was a challenge because a lot of weekends I was going out on tournaments, then coming back was really hard with the lack of rest and everything. I really want to go far and I want to go to college and play a sport in college. I know the next step is playing in high school and then playing in college and then just continuing on. You need to make sure that you’re living life to the fullest. A lot of my challenges in sports are injury based and those are the hardest. You have so many people telling you that you shouldn’t play because you should want to heal before you do. But the hardest times in my life are when I’m injured. When I can’t play and then I feel like I’m letting down my team. But you have to take that step back though and realize if anyone else was in that situation you wouldn’t want them to possibly hurt themselves just to keep playing. You would want them to take care of themselves and get better.” – Stephanie Fussner, 9