David Hawiger


Angie Ren

“Fishing is my favorite hobby to do outside of school. My friend, Andrew Leonard, invited me to go fishing [during] the summer of 2020, and that’s when I started to realize how much I liked to fish since before, I never really thought much of it. During the summer, I would go multiple times a week with my friend, Max Brophy, and we still sometimes do now, but since it’s cold out, the fish usually don’t take the bait as often. I love fishing because I don’t have to talk to people, and I can just listen to music for hours while no one bothers me. It’s peaceful. I have also grown a lot closer to Max since it gives us a lot of alone time to talk and spend time together. I’m looking forward to this summer so I can go fishing with my friends and have a good time overall.” – David Hawiger, 11