Cameron Chandler

“My favorite thing about [the dance team] is the community that we build every year and how much we grow together as individuals. It just makes me really happy. Being able to lead the team in the direction that I have wanted to since I was a freshman, and getting to do that with one of my really good friends, is an amazing thing. We talk to each other and we put in all this work. I go out there and do the best that I can but most importantly, I have fun because that’s why I do it. You can have a terrible day and coming to that community after that bad day, or even if it’s a good day, makes it that much better because you’re with the people that share that love and passion for dancing, which is just unlike anything else. It’s all abo  ut being able to come together after that long day to finish strong and do something that we all love. And we know that we are going to uplift those people that are having a bad day or uplift everyone else. That’s the biggest part of it. Still, you go into games and competitions, even practices, really stressed out because you’re thinking, ‘I have to do good’ or ‘I want to win’. But once you step out onto that court or that field, for me at least, I feel like a weight is lifted off my chest because I know the dance and I know what I can do, and I’m here to show that. I just leave it all out there. I look back and I’m like wow, that was awesome.” – Cameron Chandler, 12