Senior Vince Knight presses play on content creation for YouTube


Courtesy of Vince Knight

Showing a picture of an editing screen, senior Vince Knight made a thumbnail for her YouTube 101 video. Knight records her videos with her phone and a ring light, or in front of a window. “As much as I like creating the video in the moment, sometimes I stumble over my words or stutter or there are long moments of silence, so I might have to say editing is my favorite part. That’s where things start to come together to create a fun video,” Knight said.

What began as performing shows for her mom with her siblings at age 11 evolved to Barbie-themed improv and morphed into a YouTube channel for senior Vince Knight. After receiving a camera at age 12, Knight dedicated herself to maintain her own YouTube channel. 

Knight’s camera debut began with her parents filming her and her siblings. However, at age 11, Knight and her siblings began making their own videos which inspired her to  make her own channel in 2017.

“Aside from just having fun with my siblings, [my inspirations were] a mix of a bunch of YouTubers I would watch when I was younger,” Knight said. “[These YouTubers were] Connor Franta, Troye Sivan and Dan and Phil. Their videos inspire me to continue creating.”

The first video Knight posted to her main channel was an anime music video, or AMV, of the anime “YURI!!!! On Ice.” The video included clips of the show edited along with music. She hoped that because of the anime’s popularity, it would bring in new subscribers.

I would love for my viewers to be inspired to create what they want and to never be afraid to explore what [they] like.”

— Vince Knight

“For my first video, I was nervous because I didn’t know how well it would do, but I was also excited because I really wanted to see how people who came across the video would react, as far as likes and comments go,” Knight said. “I already had roughly 70-100 subscribers at that point with no videos, so I already had some people I could count on to watch it and help it do well.”

Standing in her kitchen, Knight baked a cake without a recipe for an end of year post. Of all her videos, this took the longest to edit. “[The video] was inspired by the Try Guys “Without A Recipe” series on YouTube. I thought it’d be a fun way to celebrate the end of a chaos year with a little bit of chaos of my own,” Knight said.

When COVID-19 started, and people were quarantined, Knight thought she would have more time to film. However, over the summer her channel went through a dead period with no content.

The main reason [why I wasn’t posting] was that I didn’t have a plan or any video ideas, so since then I’ve made a Google doc with video ideas so that I have [a] list of choices for next time I want to film anything,” Knight said. “Since school started back up, or at least since December, my uploads have been fairly consistent, which is surprising to me because I thought I would lose the motivation to create. Instead, I’ve never been more excited to create and continue to keep my channel growing.”

Ever since starting her channel in 2017, with her very first AMV video, Knight has accumulated 171 subscribers, and has moved on to a variety of different types of videos, featuring a makeup look, YouTube 101 and baking a cake

I would love for my viewers to be inspired to create what they want and to never be afraid to explore what [they] like. If you want to get into content creation, go for it,” Knight said. “It takes time and effort to learn how you want to set up your channel and what content you want to make, but with enough dedication and passion you can do whatever you want and create an audience that supports you.”