Loco for Hoco: Class of 2023 shares their homecoming proposals

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  • Following her performance, freshman Joey Schweppe presents his Taylor Swift themed sign to freshman Cameron Chandler. Chandler has been a long time Taylor Swift fan and was excited to see it incorporated into the sign. “I thought it was really nice for him to make a Taylor Swift sign knowing how big of a fan I am,” Chandler said. “I'm really looking forward to dressing up and getting ready for the night.”

    Courtesy of Cameron Chandler

  • Posing outside her house, freshman Derrien Gatchel asks freshman Makinsey Drake to Homecoming. Gatchel and Drake are both fans of the Star Wars franchise. “I looked on Pinterest for Star Wars homecoming signs and saw a similar idea to mine,” Gatchel said. “It didn't take too long to make, and I just made it in my living room.”

    Claire LeDuc

  • Freshman Brady Kuehl shows off his volleyball themed proposal sign to freshman Victoria Neeser. “Being with all my friends at the game and at the dance is going to be a really fun experience,” Neeser said.

    Courtesy of Brady Kuehl

  • Standing on the porch of her house, freshman Cooper Walkoff displays his Blues-inspired sign to freshman Audrey Rolfing. Walkoff used the St. Louis Blues’ recent Stanley Cup victory as the inspiration behind his sign. “We both became big Blues fans during the Stanley Cup finals, and I thought it would be a unique way to ask,” Walkoff said. “It was a fun experience when I went because I was with two of my friends, and I brought her a miniature Stanley Cup while they played Gloria in the background.”

    Courtesy of Cooper Walkoff

  • Freshman Christian Flemming proposes to freshman Molly Glisson in the math hallway before class. Glisson was excited about how Flemings' field hockey themed sign turned out. “I didn’t think I was going to get asked,” Glisson said. “So when I saw his sign, I was really surprised and happy because I had a date, and it was really cute and well put together.”

    Courtesy of Christian Fleming

  • After participating in a soccer scrimmage, freshman Adam Lancia gives his golf-inspired homecoming sign to freshman Gabi Badami. Lancia surprised her with his sign at Red and Blue night Aug. 24. Badami was expecting to get asked by Lancia after her golf match but that did not happen.. “I was really happy and surprised when he asked in front of everyone,” Badami said. “I don’t think I stopped smiling until I went to sleep that night–I'm really looking forward to spending homecoming with him.”

    Courtesy of Gabi Badami

  • After working the day before to finish it, freshman Tyler Lang gives his candy-themed sign to freshman Kennedy Overstreet. Lang took the day before to prepare for his proposal. “My mom gave me the idea for the sign, and I made it the day that I asked,” Lang said. “When I first got to her house I pretty nervous, but after I asked. I was pretty relieved and excited.”

    Courtesy of Tyler Lang

  • Posing at the football stadium freshman Matt Freedman presents his swimming inspired sign to freshman Alice Rasche. Freedman is looking forward to what homecoming week has to offer. “When I asked I was nervous,” Freedman said. “It was my first time, and I didn’t know what she was going to say. Now I'm really excited and looking forward to being with my friends and having a good time.”

    Courtesy of Matthew Freedman

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