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Students and staff express themselves through fashion

Adjusting the different pieces of her outfit, sophomore Emily O’Connor displays her style. O’Connor often finds her clothes at thrift stores, such as Avalon Exchange. “[When I find something while thrifting] I get so excited. It’s really fun and I always try to think of what would look good with other pieces when I’m [thrifting],” O’Connor said. “[Thrifting] definitely expands your life and your wardrobe.”

Mira Nalbandian and Leah Schroeder

February 28, 2020

Using their clothes to express their feelings and personality, students and staff describe what goes into their fashion choices and the impact it has on their daily life....

5. The official freshman guide to finals: By peers; for peers

Some students utilize the library as a place to organize their study materials. The library is open to all students and offers computers, textbooks, whiteboards and a place to sit.

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

On these final days leading up to finals (pun intended), study habits spring into full force. This is the time where students buckle down, lock themselves inside their room with Cheez-its and a textbook and start hitting the books. While Quizlet and notecards are great study tactics, they can often b...

Field hockey: new teams and new titles

Making a pass down the field, senior and varsity midfielder Carly Anderson strikes the ball past a Clayton defender. Anderson has played varsity all four years of high school.

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

September 20, 2019

From the first day of fall sports tryouts, the field hockey program has been breaking traditions. With more than 50 players, the program formed three teams and welcomed their first Pool Championship in the Gateway Classic Tournament in program history. Head coach Dawn Callahan attributes the grea...

Freshman Martin Franciscus overcomes diabetes through basketball passion

Freshman Martin Franciscus practices ball handling as he plays a pick up game with his friends. Diagnosed with diabetes in fourth grade, Franciscus does not let that affect his love for the game. “The team completely understands my condition and totally accepts it and understands
it,” Franciscus said. “Most people don’t know a lot diabetes. They are like, ‘wait you have diabetes?’”

Drew Boone, Staff Writer

March 6, 2019

Freshman Martin Franciscus catches the ball and shoots a three-pointer, banking it in off the glass as the crowd erupts and the players on the bench get to their feet, yelling Franciscus’ name. Franciscus managed the boys freshman team and, after working hard all season, he was able to play in the last...

Freshmen give back through volunteer opportunities

Freshman Jenna Mercer poses with the kids at Haven of Grace

Gaby Van Winkle, Staff Writer

April 24, 2017

Three freshmen prove giving back to the community has no age limit. For two of three hours a week, freshman Matthew Loaney volunteers at Promise Christian Academy, a special needs school in St. Louis. While there with his brother, they read to the kids, and played on the playground with them. “...

Freshman Jordan Russell overcomes obstacles from growth and development disorders

Posing for the camera, freshman Jordan Russell reflects on the obstacles she has overcome. “I may be small, but my personality is big,” Russell said.

Grace Frost, Convergent Media Writer

January 23, 2017

Standing at 4’5”, freshman Jordan Russell is noticeably shorter than her peers. Russell was born with a rare disease called Russell Silver Syndrome. It is a growth disorder, which means she has a difficult time growing at the expected rate. Many times children with this condition can have asymmetric...

Freshman focus on forces

Freshman focus on forces

Bronte Segura, Staff Writer

March 31, 2015

Using a broom to push a bowling ball, freshman Andrew Yazdi explores forces in motion March 4 in Honors Physics. The goal was to demonstrate how different amounts of applied force do different things. "We had to push the bowling ball in a circle or as hard as we could then stop it," Yazdi said.

Losing your marbles

Losing your marbles

Sarah Burnham, Staff Writer

January 30, 2015

Freshmen Keriann Kixmiller, Vicky Marshall and Casey Glasby conduct their experiment on projectile velocity in Physics. Students allowed marbles to roll down the different, sloped ramps to determine how the angle of the ramps affect the marbles’ velocities. “This lab was one of my favorite labs because...

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