Breaking news: FCC votes to repeal Net Neutrality


Samantha Gaddis

A student is blocked from entering a site by their internet provider.

Samantha Gaddis, Copy Editor

Today, on Dec. 14, 10:30 a.m, the FCC voted to repeal the protections of Net Neutrality, or the rules that allow citizens to access the internet for the same price, regardless of web traffic, service provider or company.

When the repeal is put into effect in 2018, citizens will have to pay to access certain websites according to their ISP, or internet service provider.

“This is going to affect a lot of people who basically won’t be able to afford those costs, and it is going to be a hard adjustment because we are so used to having internet as a simple right,” junior Maddie Cooke said. “This is going to affect a lot of people, regardless of what your political beliefs are.”