Lacrosse team grows with 22 new freshmen


Gabriel Weber

During C-team practice, freshman Ava Pfeil checks to see if anyone is open.

Gabriel Weber, Staff Writer

After the JV team outscored opponents 14-6 and varsity ended 11-13 last season, returning members and coaches have high expectations for the current lacrosse season.

“[The program] is a great balance between  having fun and being competitive,” varsity assistant coach Tom Herpel said. “Learning a new sport and the relationships between other sports is a cool thing. It’s like basketball, hockey and soccer combined.”

The number of freshmen players increased from nine last season to 22, so the current C-team is 100 percent freshmen.

“[The plan to improve] is going to be a challenge, with as many new players as we have. But we have a fourth coach , so it will be extremely helpful,” Herpel said. “This year we can give more individual focus.

Working together consistently is a challenge that every team goes up against.”

— Tom Herpel

Last year, the C-team didn’t have as many practices because JV and varsity had games on the same days and no one could be there. Emily Lovercheck, the head varsity coach, is excited by the number of freshmen that signed up.

“This year, we decided that instead of freshmen going through a tryout process and then learning skills, we would begin on day one with the fundamentals,” Lovercheck said. “I think it has proven to be very beneficial and allowed the players to develop quicker.”

To assist the girls get to know each other, JV had a team breakfast before their first game on March 23.

“The challenge is always getting the team to work together. We have girls of different grades, ability levels and comfort levels,” Herpel said. “Working together consistently is a challenge that every team goes up against.”

Last year the team’s goal was to defeat Marquette, Cor Jesu and MICDS, who varsity lost to the past two years in the district championship game. Other major rivals include the other Parkway schools, which JV and varsity plays on April 6 and the very last game.

“We’re a newer team. Last year was ‘the’ year because we had girls who had played four years together. This year is a growing year,” varsity captain and senior Ashley Avery said. “It is definitely going to be a challenge because most of us haven’t played together, but we’re still going to do good for sure.”