New location of The Shack opens on Clayton Road

It’s popularity is written on the walls!

Scribbled along the graffiti filled walls are 1000’s of names and memories from guests of The Shack. Opening its third location on Clayton Road, The Shack has attracted patrons from around the community, including students. The bright paint and giant lit ‘bacon’ sign make a relaxing atmosphere for breakfast or lunch.

Parkway West alumni of 1991 Brant Baldanza and John Fogerty founded the first Shack location in Valley Park, St Louis in 2014. After only two years, they opened the second one in Frontenac.

“I had a hard time choosing since there’s so many things to pick,” junior Davi Jimenez said. “My parent’s pressured me into making a decision so I ended up picking the Belgian Waffle.”

The Shack has a wide selection for breakfast and lunch options with creative names such as ‘Go Make Yourself a Dang Quesadilla’ to ‘Why the French Hate Us.’ Even the kids menu takes advantage to the creative naming opportunity, it being named ‘Lil Shackaroos.’

“I think the idea of writing on the walls is really cool. The first time I went there I saw a note from a couple on their 23rd anniversary,” sophomore Bridget Noonan said. “This element of The Shack makes it stand out against the rest of the restaurants out there.”

On The Shack’s website they have a list of rules, which include ‘Don’t write profanity or other stupid stuff cause we have an “orbital palm sander” in back and we are not scared to use it’. Like every other aspect of The Shack, keeping humor in their rules is a way for them to keep the mood light while avoiding problems.

“I was really excited to write my name on the wall, I must’ve written it like seven times,” junior Samantha Walkoff said. “Going in and seeing your friends names is cool, you get to see who’s been there before you.”