Fun-Size Film club finds success


Maddie Cooke

Students talk during a Fun-Size Film meeting.

You watch movies, you talk about movies, you love movies; why not make movies? The Fun-Size Film Club is doing exactly that. With student writers, directors, editors and actors in their films, the 15 member club are led by juniors Ann Rapp and Abby Karst and sophomore Kim Clyne.

“Usually, Fun-Size films dies out near the beginning of the year, but this year, it’s survived for quite a bit longer, which I’m very proud of,” Rapp said.

Karst has been a film fanatic since middle school.

“I am in Fun-Size Film Club because I’ve always had a passion for making movies. In the sixth grade I bought my own video camera and would record little things here and there. When I heard about this club at West, I wanted to join immediately,” Karst said.

Karst is a club officer, organizing and attending every meeting.

“My main role as one of the three officers, is to alert the club members when there are meetings and new film opportunities. I personally have made scripts and movies, and I plan to create more,” Karst said.

The other officers, including Rapp, have similar duties and share Karst’s goals for the club.

“This club is important because it allows students to express themselves in a new way. Writers and editors get a chance to show off their talent, as well as any kids who like acting but may be afraid of going on stage,” Rapp said.

For Clyne, the club includes some of her closest and most entertaining friends. It has also been a place of solace.

I do a lot of writing scripts, and I find it really helps me express myself in a way I didn’t think possible. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the possibilities truly are endless.”

— Sophomore Kim Clyne

“The people are amazingly sweet, and I know I always have people there who will listen if I need a friend, not to mention how hilarious they are. The films we make are special to us and they give us such good memories, or at least funny memories, that we can always look back on,” Clyne said.

Each meeting has a different agenda which helps keep members interested in attend meetings.

“We just recently finished filming the video for Henry Elementary, and we have been making a lot of progress in all of our films, so we decided to have a food day. A few of us brought in chips, cookies, pizza and some other things and we really just had a party for all our hard work. It’s kind of nice to never know what’s happening next,” Clyne said. 

The club is subsection of the Drama Department, and is currently using the theatre to work on a film written and directed by Karst called “Twilight Calzone.”

“My favorite project this year would have to be Twilight Calzone, which is a cheesy horror movie that’s so bad it’s laughable. I am in the process of filming right now and hopefully will have it completed in the next few weeks,” Karst said. “My goals are for the club to make enough movies to have a Fun-Size Film showcase at the end of the year. So far it looks like we will have three movies completed by the end of the year, and I hope that next year we will double that number.”

The club has also been asked to do projects outside of school for Parkway events. 

“Ann Rapp, Kim Clyne and I helped the PTO make a short video for their trivia night. They will play it as an introduction/commencement of the trivia night, and the video showcases students passing a fake Olympic torch around the elementary school, until they end up giving it to their Vice Principal. We are open to other outside projects, and are excited to see any new opportunities presented to us,” Karst said.

Before the year ends, the club hopes to create one more project to present to a bigger audience. 

“I want to make another big film before the end of the year, so that we have enough content to show at a mini film festival,” Rapp said.

Students pick roles for an upcoming Fun-Size film.
Maddie Cooke
Students pick roles for an upcoming Fun-Size film.

Next year, club plans to keep membership up throughout the year and create more films. 

“Next year I plan to improve the club by having more promotion, and I want to encourage more people to make scripts of their own,” Karst said. “So far this year the club has lasted longer than any other year that I have been at West. Members have stayed interested in the club year round, and I hope that next year we’ll be even more productive.”

Along with making films, the club’s purpose is to create a safe environment for creative thinkers.

“Fun-Size Films, for me, has given me an outlet,” Clyne said. “I do a lot of writing scripts, and I find it really helps me express myself in a way I didn’t think possible. If I’m having a bad day, I’ll just start writing a script of a more somber movie and when I’m finished I’ll feel so much better. If I’m feeling really happy, I may go in and write a fairytale where they all live happily ever after. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the possibilities truly are endless.”

Fun-Size Film Club meets every Friday from 2:40 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Sponsor Amie Gossett’s classroom.