Throwback Thursday: Darla Maynard, AU room specialist


Pathfinder: What high school did you go too?

Maynard: I went to Bolivar Central High School in Bolivar, TN.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 1982.

What was your least and favorite subjects?

My least favorite subject was history. My favorite subject was English.

Did you like the homework that was given?

It was all right because sometimes the homework was fun.

What was weirdest thing or things that happened to you in high school?

We learned hunter safety, which means we learned how to shoot guns.

What was different now then when you went high school?

We learned hunter safety, which now they don’t teach in a lot of schools.

What is your opinion of your high school principal?

Mr. Bastin was really strict and had a serious look in his eye.

What type of car did you drive?

I drove a Plymouth Horizon. The interior was made of cloth and was really old.

How does it feel being named teacher of the year?

Being named teacher of the year was a big honor, I give credit to the students who made me look good, and I give the same credit to my colleagues and assistant teachers .