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Editorial: Teacher versus colleague of the year

Writing a Teacher of the Year nomination note in World History teacher Amy Thornhill’s class, sophomore Kate Yates gets the opportunity to thank her teacher of choice, as well as possibly nominate them as Teacher of the Year. “[Teachers] spend so much time and effort to teach us and make sure we understand the content. We need a way to appreciate them so they know we are thankful for everything they do for us,” Yates said. “We should [have a say] because we spend the most time with [teachers]. We are the ones in their classes all day.”

Drew Boone and Brinda Ambal

November 26, 2019

Each November, staff members receive an email encouraging them to nominate a fellow staff member for the annual school-wide Teacher of the Year award. However, when students are the ones first-handedly experiencing instruction, isn’t it conducive that students’ opinions should count? The process in...

Teacher of the Year takes on new challenges after 10 years in the classroom

Beginning his victory lap around the gym, 2019 Teacher of the Year awardee Emanuel Young pumps his fists to energize the crowd at the Spring Pep Rally, March 29. This is Young’s fourth year teaching business at West High.. “I was in a state of disbelief,” Young said. “My heart was racing; it was one of those things you felt like you should have known but didn’t.”

Drew Boone and Joey Grove

May 9, 2019

Excitement buzzes in room 2312 as Principal Jeremy Mitchell enters with a basket of gifts and a certificate for business teacher Emmanuel Young, the 2019 Parkway West Teacher of the Year. Young has taught for the last 10 years, the past four of those spent at West as a business teacher. “I b...

Social studies teacher Kristen Collins wins ‘Teacher of the Year’

Helping sophomore Kelsey Long with an assignment, social studies teacher Kristen Collins reads Long’s response on a review packet. Long enrolled in World History because it was a very engaging class. “Collins was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, because she helped organize us and she worked overtime to be sure we were successful,” Long said.

Katie Spillman, Staff Writer

December 3, 2017

On Friday, Dec. 1, social studies teacher Kristen Collins won teacher of the year, an award that is annually voted on by the entire staff. “It is a huge honor to be recognized by your colleagues. Knowing who has won this in the past and that I have been placed alongside people I look up to and...

Throwback Thursday: Darla Maynard, AU room specialist

Throwback Thursday: Darla Maynard, AU room specialist

Tyler Hannegan, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

Pathfinder: What high school did you go too? Maynard: I went to Bolivar Central High School in Bolivar, TN. What year did you graduate? I graduated in 1982. What was your least and favorite subjects? My least favorite subject was history. My favorite subject was English. Did you lik...

Cliff Amen is awarded Teacher of the Year

Cliff Amen helps freshman Daniel Loaney in Robotics.

Kathryn Harter, Multimedia Editor

February 5, 2015

After 13 years of dedication, Cliff Amen has been awarded Teacher of the Year.

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