Spring Pep Rally


Megan Barton

Junior Alex Karrenbrock lays on a balloon to get it to pop in order to win the competition to spell PWEST first.

On March 27, students got in the Longhorn spirit one final time before the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close. For the annual Spring Pep Assembly, there were a few events that Longhorn Council planned to make the event special.

“We had a balloon pop game as well as the dance off again. Students were randomly selected to participate in both events. We also added a new addition to the agenda of the pep rally. While winter guard was setting up their mats, we did ‘a year in review’ where we highlighted students accomplishments from both fall and winter sports,” junior Katie Hornsby said.

Randomly-selected freshman Daniel Loaney may not have known he was being asked to dance, but he was one step ahead of the game.

“Me and Big Mike always do the Kid’N Play dance from the movie House Party every Friday during announcements. I couldn’t wait to hit that nae nae and do the whip. I totally felt that I dominated,” Loaney said.

Champion from the 2014 Spring Pep Rally, Greg Robson, was called back to participate and defended his title, beating out junior Jack O’Connor in the final round.

“I knew going into the assembly that I was dancing, but I didn’t expect to win. I was just in it for the fun and entertainment. It was nice to have all the seniors cheer for me until the end, but by the final round I was so tired all I wanted was a big drink of water,” Robson said.

The balloon toss for the seniors turned into a random group of boys and girls competing for first place.

“Claire Webster volunteered me to spontaneously participate in for the balloon challenge. It was so nerve-wracking because I had no idea what I was doing and it was in front of everyone! I just kept popping balloons not realizing letters were coming out, so I was relieved when I could sit back down,” senior Annemarie Daiker said.

The pep rally brought together the community to celebrate the upcoming Spring sports season as well as all the school has done for the Joshua Chamberlain Society.

“The total, $12,505, was astounding! It’s the most money we have ever raised for an organization. West High’s generosity is astonishing.  They give and they give and this patriotic theme all year was one for us to truly be proud of,” LoCo leader Annie Wayland said. “I’m getting to know more and more about this organization this year; I have grasped a better understanding of the sacrifice that veterans have made on behalf of our country. So many people worked hard to make this amazing success happen.”