Students gear up for spring spirit week


Macky Kavanaugh

Senior Taylor Scott and freshman Caroline Shaw show off their spirit with tropical attire.

Spring break did not end for students returning from the beach as Spring Spirit Week kicked off with Tropical Monday.

“I remembered it was Tropical Monday before spring break, but then I was super busy over the break, and I forgot to dress up,” freshman Kennedy Silverberg said.

Tuesday’s theme is Tie Dye. Students are invited to wear a mixture of bright colored t-shirts, and articles of clothing with the tie dye pattern.

“For Tie Dye Tuesday I’m wearing a shirt I dyed when I was little, with a tie dye bandana,” junior Grace Colbert said. “I like this theme the most because tie dye is so colorful. It brightens my mood to see everyone wearing rainbow colors at school.”

Wednesday is Twin Day, where students have the opportunity to dress as their friends. Ideas for this would be wearing the same clothes, similar hairstyles and shoes.

“I’m dressing up with my friend Riley Land. We’re gonna go all out and wear ridiculous and colorful stuff. Like bright socks, shorts, and bright shirts. We just wanna look really spirited for the week,” freshman Caroline Shaw said.

Thursday’s theme is 80’s throwback. Big hair, leg warmers, tutus, bangles and neon are encouraged.

“I’m going to dress up in a nice white jacket and a cool pink shirt. I’m kind of going for an 80’s Don Johnson look,” senior Jeremy Williams said. “I think the 80’s dress up theme is the most fun, because people can really wear anything crazy.”

For Friday, the theme is Superfan day. Students will dress in West clothing displaying their Longhorn pride.

“I think this spirit day is probably the most important because its the day you get to show your true spirit,” senior Evan Schmitz said. “The other days are fun, but not everyone dresses up for them. School spirit day is like, the big one.”