LoCo gears up for the Glow Dance

As it does annually, the Glow Dance will take place this friday, Feb. 27, for all students interested in getting dressed up for a glow-themed mixer.

“The Glow Dance is basically an informal and fun dance where the theme is neon. People can wear neon t-shirts and shorts, and paint and they dance to great music,” said LoCo president and senior Aron Tesfi. “The gym is decorated in backlights so the neon will glow, and also there’s going to be Glow in the Dark art and signs across all the walls.”

Each year, the LoCo crew sets up the dance in the main gym.

“LoCo organizes pretty much the entire event,” Tesfi said. “We do get a lot of help from the cafeteria staff. They make us cookies and lemonade to have at the dance, and we get help from Mr. Boleman for making the backlights and other things for us.”

As the LoCo crew sets up for the dance, Tesfi says they face few struggles.

“It’s not too stressful, and it’s fun planning it,” Tesfi said. “Our struggle was getting the initial ideas going, but after we had a set plan, it was pretty smooth from there in terms of execution.”

Since Tesfi is the president, his duties include more than decorating.

“I am the ‘point person’ for the Glow Dance, so I work more with getting the DJ organized, getting parent volunteers, etc. It’s mainly the behind the scene stuff,” Tesfi said. “Also our LoCo sponsors Annie Wayland and Susan Anderson play a huge role with all aspects of the Glow Dance and with getting it rolling.”

“Our big struggle would just be with getting the initial ideas going,” Tesfi said. “But after you have a set plan, its pretty smooth from there, in terms of execution.”

Tesfi, along with the LoCo crew, have good expectations for this year’s attendance.

“The turnout this year should be strong and follow the general trend we’ve had in the past years,” Tesfi said. “It’s a pretty popular event this Winter, and there has been a trend towards an increase in attendance as it has become a common trend of our school.”

According to administrator Doctor Mitchell, 284 students have bought tickets so far. Tickets are $10 in the bookstore, and LoCo hopes to see everyone there in glowin’ getup.