POW: Carl Matthews, 11


Betsy Wait

Junior Carl Matthews works with spanish teacher Eileen Rodriguez-Kiser on grammar.

“What is your favorite part about West?”

“I like how the teachers really care about you here. My Spanish teacher, Mrs. Kiser, has a son with special needs who she needs to pick up everyday off of the bus. However, she worked it out that her husband can pick up her son, so she can stay after school to help me with Spanish. I don’t know what I would do without her help, she really is the nicest lady ever. Do you need more? I’ve got more. You see, I used to have an IEP. Even though I don’t have one anymore, Mrs. Blomenkamp, who was my case worker, still checks in and talks with me even though it’s technically not her job anymore. Like, I had my birthday a couple weeks ago, and I had to buy new school supplies. I really didn’t want to spend my birthday money on notebooks and stuff, so Mrs. Blomenkamp helped me out.”