Lighting a potato chip on fire, junior Ulaa Kuziez completes a lab at home for Chemistry eLearning. Through combustion, students were able to measure temperature changes of different foods to determine their energy. “Completing the experiment at home was different than at school, but it was fun to create my own set up for the experiment,” Kuziez said.

Photo of the week – April 20

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

Some students utilize the library as a place to organize their study materials. The library is open to all students and offers computers, textbooks, whiteboards and a place to sit.

5. The official freshman guide to finals: By peers; for peers

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer December 11, 2019

On these final days leading up to finals (pun intended), study habits spring into full force. This is the time where students buckle down, lock themselves inside their room with Cheez-its and a textbook...

With increased enrollment, 380 students were allowed to pay $85 for a parking permit. There are currently no more spots being sold. “Based on however many junior and senior parking permits we give out at the beginning of the year, will usually determine how many more spots we have to sell for the rest of the year,

Increased enrollment leads to new parking policies

Drew Boone, Staff Writer September 3, 2019

It’s a right of passage many seniors, juniors and a handful of sophomores enjoy, purchasing an $85 space to ensure they can drive to school. However, due to increased enrollment, the plan has been revised. “All...

Dressed in dark blue scrubs, juniors Mckenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson get ready for a day of work at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Bendle worked in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) while Wilson volunteered in the Outpatient Surgery Unit. “The most rewarding part is actually seeing the how the nurses and surgeons are able to take a patient, perform surgery on them, and help them in a way that they couldn't do themselves,” Wilson said. “Seeing the way patients are so happy when they find out the surgery went just as planned and that they are on their way to a successful recovery is so outstanding.”

Juniors Mckenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson dedicate their summer to the Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor August 31, 2018

While some students spent their summer vacation relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere or saving money with a part-time job, juniors McKenna Bendle and Kristin Wilson decided to improve their medical skills...

Mouth dropping in shock, junior Harmauhny Faulkner clutches onto a cooler full of water balloons as she is pelted by her classmates. The Junior Class began the tradition of a water balloon fight on the last day of school as a way to kick off their last summer before senior year.

Photo of the week – May 21

Carly Anderson , Copy Editor May 25, 2018

Powder puff recap video

Kristin Priest, Staff Writer October 20, 2017

2017 Prom Court Announced

2017 Prom Court Announced

Betsy Wait, Managing Editor-in-Chief April 12, 2017

Juniors: Jack Gieseking Matthew Dixon Jack Galkowski Chaz Pilz Sarah Bonnett Anabelle Padilla Rachel Wang Sophie Wojdylo Seniors: Nehemiah Colyer Nate Hughes Wyatt...

Meet the most eligible junior Longhorns, Kjell Hagen and Drew Seers.

Most eligible Longhorns for Valentine’s Day: juniors

Emily Wind, Staff Writer February 5, 2016
Read up on the most eligible Longhorn Bachelors: the junior edition.
@ shannon

Junior Remi Aalfs bucks the trend

Emily Dickson, Conceptual EiC December 14, 2015
Junior Remi Aalfs creates trends by breaking trends.
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