Athletic Chic

Staying Classy chapter two

Yoga pants and leggings are a girl’s best friend! As a high schooler, one of my most popular go-to outfits is yoga pants and my lululemon jacket. However 99 percent of the time when I wear yoga pants, I am not in fact going to do yoga. And that goes for a lot of athletic clothes people wear. So when did brands like Nike and Lululemon become a statement of fashion and not athleticism?unnamed

As a fellow trend follower, I was ready to jump on board when Victoria Secret brand PINK released a new line of  yoga pants and leggings featuring printed waist bands. When I bought my first pair and wore them out, I went so far as to tuck in my shirt to show off the leopard-lace waist, as did others.For the first time, girls were using the form-fitting  to say “I’m into trends” rather than “I’m sporty and athletic”

After that, like most trends, it skyrocketed. It’s no longer just about the printed band pants; now a part of designing any athletic wear is incorporating the newest style into them. Whether it’s layering a matching sports bra under a tank top or wearing a dri-fit top with a cut-out back, it’s all about looking stylish. It’s even gone so far as to add designs to basics like headbands and water bottles.

Gone are the days of simple black sweatpants and baggy t-shirts to work out in. The idea of ‘athletic wear’ has forever changed from he comfiest thing you can find in your closet, to what’s chic. So even though only 1 percent of the time my yoga pants are being used for yoga, I’ll be looking and staying classy.