200 miles to a float trip


Kristen Witt

Junior Andrew Osborne, sophomore DiStefano, and junior Colin Wright participate in a canoe race. Junior Phillip Aden and sophomore Logan Stucki won the race with a 4:36.

Canoeing down the Meramec River, members of Boys Cross Country team took a trip to Meramec State Park in Sullivan, MO on Saturday, Sept. 21.

“This year was a lot more enjoyable for me mostly because it’s my first time being an upperclassmen on this trip, which makes everything better,”  junior captain Andrew Osborne said.

Senior James Morse, juniors Phillip Aden, Matthew Morgan, Andrew Osborne, Colin Wright, Evan Wright, sophomores Jacob Cupps, Derek DiStefano, and Logan Stucki attended the trip, but any members of the team who ran over 200 miles for their summer training were invited.

“The most interesting part of the trip was when we were on a break, Phillip found a stick that we ended up using like a pole vaulting pole, and we would jump out into the river while Coach John gave us feedback,” Morgan said.

Aside from the four hour canoe trip, the team played frisbee, barbecued lunch, went into caverns, as well as many other things.

“At the end of the trip, Colin and I were comparing our abs as a joke, and I asked Matt ‘Him or me?’ but he thought I said ‘Hammer me.’ Then, he hit me in the stomach,” Osborne said.

The trip, which has been a team tradition for over eight years, took place after a practice that morning.

“On this trip, everyone had a good time together laughing and hanging out. We went away from it being closer as a team and knowing each other better, which is what being apart of a team is about,” Morgan said.

After their weekend break, the team will attend the Jefferson Barracks meet on Saturday, Sept 28.

“We need to run as well as we can and compete. From there, we’ll see what happens,” coach Kevin John said.