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Preparing for a backpacking trip

Preparing for a backpacking trip

Peyton Gaskill, Staff Writer, Blogger

September 15, 2015

I recently went on one of my first backpacking experiences. I can say it was amazing, and I’m going to show you some of the steps I took to be prepared.

Post Spring Break

Charlie Huff, Staff Newscaster

March 30, 2015

Check out how fellow longhorns spent their 2015 spring break

Student Spotlight: Megan Barton

On the British Virgin Islands, junior Megan Barton and Corinne Schillizzi paddle board.

Lily Briscoe, Staff Writer

August 30, 2014

Junior Megan Barton spent most of her summer traveling the world, visiting places like California, Scotland, England, Wales and the British Virgin Islands, including the U.S. Virgin Island.

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