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Sophomore Claire Hardy does not take weight lifting lightly

Sophomore Claire Hardy back squats 115 pounds. Claire has been weight lifting to get stronger for soccer and to stay in shape. “If you look back and your numbers are all the same, then you feel like you have done nothing, but it’s good to look back and see your improvements,” Hardy said.

Tre Bell, Staff writer

May 16, 2019

Starting a new flex, sophomore Claire Hardy competitively weight lifts with the help and support of her family. “My dad and my grandpa encouraged me to do weight lifting because they’re into CrossFit and stuff like that, and they wanted me to get stronger for [soccer],” Hardy said. “My brother started wei...

Growing through Greek: seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost gain valuable life skills through independent study

Writing Greek prose on the whiteboard, seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost practice their letters and accents during their independent study. Taking Greek enables Jost to better prepare for a variety of possible futures, both through the content itself and the skills she retains. “Greek actually has a whole bunch of different accent marks which is not something you have in English,” Jost said. “I feel like I'd like to take [another] language, maybe Spanish or French,  in the future and having learned the Greek language with different alphabets and different accent marks might make it easier to learn that language, whatever it may be.”

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

April 2, 2019

The hallway is silent and still except for the occasional wanderer in search of the water fountain. A second glance finds seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost settled on the floor by the Latin room. Jaskowiak and Jost chose to take Greek as an independent study with Latin teacher Tom Herpel to...

Redefining himself, senior Tarek Baig overcomes racism on the ice

Gliding on the ice, senior Tarek Baig demonstrates sportsmanship and drive as a team captain. As a captain, Baig attempts to create a hardworking environment to promote success for his team. “Making the right plays on the ice and working as hard as possible sets a good example of what success costs day in and day out. I tell people ‘nice play’ or lines like that so they know people are watching and are happy with how they're playing,” Baig said.

Susie Seidel, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

‘Terrorist’, ‘number 18 is a terrorist’, ‘why aren’t you riding a camel?’ are all comments that no longer phase senior Tarek Baig as he skates across the ice. “I'm sure people say it every game, but I usually hear it every other game. People will usually say it behind your back and n...

Stuck in the Abu Dhabi airport for six days, senior Hira Khan finds her way back home

Standing next to her mother, senior Hira Khan smiles, showing her relief to finally be back in St. Louis. Because of her airport experience, Khan realized that she will have to be more independent. “I now know that I won’t always have my siblings or parents to do everything for me and that there are some things you have to learn to do on your own, no matter how difficult it is,” Khan said.

Andrew Li, Staff Writer

March 5, 2019

Peeved, anxious, alone and sick with food poisoning, senior Hira Khan awaited her flight from Pakistan to Abu Dhabi; however, the flight was overbooked, leaving Khan flightless without any explanation. “I stood in line for two hours and felt even more sick as time passed by. Finally, I reached th...

Chess team savors last year with four senior players as state championship nears

Focusing in on a new strategy to beat future opponents in an upcoming tournament, chess team captain and senior Matt Boyd draws on his self-made improvements to strategically think through his moves. Earlier in his career, Boyd made moves quicker than he does now; however, he has improved as a player and realized the importance of working through the scenarios. “We have had multiple matches where I spent all of my two hours, and I'm the last one there,” Boyd said. “I'm just so involved [in the game]. I don't think there's any one thing that makes me concentrate more than other people, but I guess it's just that I'm so invested in it.”

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

March 4, 2019

Surrounded by silence, five chess players duke it out against their rival, Ladue High School, in an intense battle on the boards. Four of the five players are seniors Matt Boyd, Jason Wan, Paul Gipkhin and Neil Tomala. Tomala feels optimistic about earning a high placement at the Missouri State Champi...

Quiet Zone mandate to be enforced around the senior lounge to protect the rights of seniors

Seniors Peyton Gaskill, Dani Fischer and Zach Poscover take a much-needed snooze in the senior lounge. The senior lounge exists so that seniors can sleep during the school day. “My favorite part of senior year is staying up late so I can sleep at school,” Fischer said. “School is so fun.”

Maria Newton, Features Editor

October 25, 2018

Due to the large number of slumbering students in the senior lounge, senior class presidents Bella Hatzigeorgiou and MJ Stricker have decided to construct a soundproof box around the collection of priceless, vintage couches. The glass will also be tinted so that seniors do not have to suffer from brig...

Senior Will Cremeens finds himself through Jesus Christ

Holding up a Billy Graham devotional book, senior Will Creemens proudly displays his faith. Each day, he reads the devotional and accompanying verses for that day.

Bella Hatzigeorgiou, Convergent Media Writer

October 16, 2018

Feeling empty and without purpose in life, senior Will Cremeens found Christ and a community. His older brother convinced him to attend an evening youth group, Krew, at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church. Shortly after attending, Will committed to a new way of life. “Before I found my faith I wasn't living f...

Junior Andrew Jolly and senior Ali Yumuk release debut rap album

Taking a break from recording, junior Andrew Jolly and senior Ali Yumuk laugh while working on their debut album “Up To No Good Volume 1.” The album is made up of eight original rap songs available on SoundCloud and Spotify. “Being together in a studio and recording together is a lot better than recording on your own in your own studio and then sending it to them,” Jolly said. “It gives you a much greater connection because you’re both part of the atmosphere of the album, and you’re a part of all the songs, even if you don’t have a part in them. Being in the studio with people is a such a tight knit feeling.”

Lydia Roseman, News Editor

October 8, 2018

Sparked by a shared interest in music and their favorite rapper Logic, senior Ali Yumuk and junior Andrew Jolly, wrote, recorded and produced their own rap album. After meeting for the first time, the two realized their shared passion and a collaboration began. “I met Ali in ASL class on the f...

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