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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Beaming after winning the regional competition, senior Zoe Skidis stands with English teacher Andria Benmuvhar. Skidis won the school-wide competition for Poetry Out Loud, the regional competition, and went to compete at the state competition. “We went up there, and it went really smoothly. I loved listening to the other poems. Its a little harder to focus on other peoples poems because youre nervous for your own, but it was still really cool,” Skidis said.

Speak Up

Grace Loethen, Staff Writer April 12, 2023

Stage lights shine brightly in senior Zoe Skidis’ eyes. Standing in front of a large crowd, about to give her regional presentation, Skidis can barely see her parents and English teacher Andria Benmuvhar....

Culinary teacher Katie Hashley receives two haikus around her door. Student writers chose to highlight the wafting scents and spice concoctions created in the kitchen. “I love that the students chose to write haikus about our class because especially if it’s a former student, it lets me know that they really enjoyed taking the class,” Hashley said. “[The haikus] were completely true. When we bake cookies, the whole school does, in fact, know. In my mind, it’s free advertising for students to take the class. It also made me really happy because when we make cookies, it’s always a really fun day for students.”

Hoards of Haikus

Addie Gleason, Managing Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2023

White papers appear spontaneously outside classrooms and school locations, each detailing an essential part of school culture. Formatted in the familiar three-line structure of a classic haiku, student...

Senior Maddie Hoffmann celebrates her success at the 2020 Poetry Out Loud regional competition with English teacher Andrea Benmuvhar. Hoffmann received a certificate and a trophy as well as a flower for her achievement. “I never thought that I’d go up on stage and force myself [to perform], but I think I took my confidence a step further. I’m very proud of what I’m now capable of doing. I’m glad that I overcame my stage fright as well as testing out my knowledge on poetry,” Hoffmann said.

Senior Maddie Hoffmann shines at Poetry Out Loud competition

Karina Christ, Staff Writer March 25, 2020

Getting over her stage fright and having only three poems to compete with, senior Maddie Hoffmann came in third place at this year's regional Poetry Out Loud competition with her love for reading and writing. “I’ve...

Attending the Beverly Hopkins Poetry reading, sophomore Rachel Griffard reads her poem Chains to the audience.

Rachel Griffard earns an honorable mention

Claire Martin, Staff Writer May 18, 2015
Sophomore Rachel Griffard enters the Beverly Hopkins Poetry Contest and earned an honorable mention.
African American Read-In

African American Read-In

Tashaun Ewing, Staff Writer March 10, 2015

Showing his support for African-American History Month, on Feb. 26, junior Franz Sanon reads a poem about the struggle of racial inequality by Langston Hughes. Students who participated had to read a piece...

Celebrating the end of Black History Month

Kathryn Harter, Staff Writer / Multimedia Editor February 26, 2015
To celebrate Black History Month, African American history trivia questions were asked over the announcements, a field trip was held to the GRIOT, the St. Louis Museum of Black History, on Feb. 24 and the 13th annual African American Read In was hosted on Feb. 26.
Lou Jobst, MOSAICS academy specialist, enjoys the library atmosphere.

POW: Lou Jobst, MOSAICS academy specialist

Jacob Cupps, Staff Writer November 24, 2014

“Is there anything in specific you are thankful for this year?” “Well, I was actually talking about this with my wife, and I would say I’m thankful that we have a whole day devoted to being...

Sitting and Laughing, Senior Maddy Brown unknowingly sits next to the word motion which describes her personality well.

POW: Thanksgiving Week Spotlight

Jacob Cupps, Staff Writer November 23, 2014
A compilation of the People of West blogs from this week. The students and staff of West share the pieces of their life for which they are thankful that they have to give.
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