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Pursuing nursing while cheering from the sidelines at “The Titan Games”

Taylor Scott embraces her boyfriend Derik Scott at the Rose Bowl on the Tuesday before the premiere of “The Titan Games.” They both agree that their experience with “The Titan Games” has been life-changing. “Being in such a crazy atmosphere with Dwayne Johnson himself and 64 athletically gifted competitors was humbling,” T. Scott said. “The people Derik was surrounded by were such amazing humans. They have so much talent and so many things that could have or even did alter their paths, yet they found how to switch gears and make the most out of their lives through the gym and working out.”

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach

January 29, 2019

After attending Lindenwood University for two and a half years, alumna Taylor Scott decided to leave behind her plans to attend Goldfarb School of Nursing to pursue a career in personal training in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Derik Scott. “We picked up and moved with three weeks notice. I have been personal training and attendin...

After suffering a lung collapse, senior Caleb Canatoy is inspired to pursue nursing

Senior Caleb Canatoy leads the pack during a boys Cross Country practice. Despite having his lung collapse last spring, Canatoy is a captain on the Varsity team and hopes to inspire young runners in the same way alumnus Jacob Cupps did for him. “My freshman year we had Jacob Cupps as a captain and he was also going through an injury, but it was cool how he had a connection to the freshmen,” Canatoy said.

Maria Newton, Features Editor

September 17, 2018

During the spring of 2018, senior Caleb Canatoy woke up one morning to a sharp pain in his back. “It was just a really normal day...my mom thought it was just muscle cramps,” Canatoy said. “But then it progressed and I couldn’t breathe.” Canatoy’s parents took him to the hospital where he d...

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