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After suffering a lung collapse, senior Caleb Canatoy is inspired to pursue nursing

Senior Caleb Canatoy leads the pack during a boys Cross Country practice. Despite having his lung collapse last spring, Canatoy is a captain on the Varsity team and hopes to inspire young runners in the same way alumnus Jacob Cupps did for him. “My freshman year we had Jacob Cupps as a captain and he was also going through an injury, but it was cool how he had a connection to the freshmen,” Canatoy said.

Maria Newton, Features Editor

September 17, 2018

During the spring of 2018, senior Caleb Canatoy woke up one morning to a sharp pain in his back. “It was just a really normal day...my mom thought it was just muscle cramps,” Canatoy said. “But then it progressed and I couldn’t breathe.” Canatoy’s parents took him to the hospital where he d...

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