‘Longhorn Country, Let’s Ride!’

Introducing the new activities director: Jeff Taggart


Elle Rotter

Checking in with the Parkway West Superfan, Activities Director Jeff Taggart talks with kids during lunch. Taggart looked forward to building connections with students and becoming a part of the school community. “[I just want] to be involved, in the cafeteria, at lunchtime, at different sporting events or activities.”

Activities Director Jeff Taggart started the school year with an unorganized office and a smile. Taggart has had many job titles, including assistant principal, basketball coach, activities director and previously served as activities director at Northwest School District. Now, he is transitioning into a new office and is focusing on planning for fall sports. 

“Parkway West has such a fantastic reputation [and] I am seeing a lot of good things I am excited to be a part of,” Taggart said. “‘The West Way’ is very contagious. You automatically know that people love being here.”

One of Taggart’s goals is to connect with all students in the school, not just students involved in sports. 

“Any experience [students] have is good to be a part of,” Taggart said. “Teachers, principals, activities directors, we are all a part of the student’s life in some way. If a student isn’t an athlete, they are still a communication piece and it is still our job to talk to people and be responsible adults that they can talk to. That’s the fun part. That is why I like education.” 

Outside of school, Taggart enjoys spending time with family, watching sports and barbequing.  Taggart grew up playing sports and participating in after-school activities where he built relationships with teachers and coaches.  The connection he felt from his involvement led him to pursue coaching and athletics as a career. 

Part of my passion for being an activities director is that I like a lot of other things besides sports. I’ve been involved in music before. I used to be in theater in college. I don’t consider it work; I consider it more as a passion.

— Jeff Taggart

With over 20 new staff members this school year, students can plan for annual events and activities, including the fall pep assembly, outdoor homecoming, prom and Mr. Longhorn, amongst others. 

“Change is something that isn’t on my radar right now,” Taggart said. “The old saying ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ is something that I believe in. I do a lot of listening. I do a lot of observing, and I think you have to do that no matter where you are. Once you’ve gathered enough information and spent enough time on something, you can look at maybe revising [it].”

After settling into his new office and meeting with the Longhorn Student Council, Taggart stated that he felt a little bit more at home. He plans to attend football games on Friday Nights and other sports games, practices and other school events or traditions. 

“I am super excited to be here. West High has such a rich tradition. I am looking forward to being a Longhorn and being involved,” Taggart said.

Elle Rotter