Four graduation gift ideas that seniors will celebrate


Photo Illustration: Tre Bell

‘Tis the graduation season for the Class of 2021.

As the graduation season approaches, we wanted to help you solve the graduation gift dilemma. We surveyed the entire senior class to help you find what every senior wants. 

#1 “I picked money, because in college there are a lot of expenses when you’re living on your own, like food, textbooks and other essentials, so I feel like the extra money would be nice to have [to help pay for that stuff],” senior Jackson Gorman said.

#2 A bluetooth speaker might be the perfect for your teen who is inclined to supply music for any situation in college.

“I would like it, I could bring it to workout and when I’m hanging out with friends, a lot of people are in need of someone with a speaker, so it comes in handy,” senior Griffin Snyder said. “It’s also good to have for when you’re just chilling in your dorm and need to vibe.”

#3 A laptop would be an essential that your teen may need to help keep up with class work in college.

“Personally I wouldn’t like a laptop, because I already have one, but for any student who doesn’t have one and plans on going to college that would be the perfect gift for them,” senior Thomas Anderson said. “I use my laptop for everything and I know in college I am going to need to use it a lot more.”

College swag from Xavier University. (Molly Reinecke)

#4 College swag, something your teen can rock around campus, could be the perfect gift.

“I would love to get college apparel as a gift so I can rep it at my new school. I want to expand my college collection as much as possible,” senior Katelyn Tyree said.