Five things to know about the end of school


Maddy Truka

It is recommended by the CDC that people should wear masks in public settings where social distancing orders may be hard to maintain.

Remember all those things you left in your locker before spring break? And all those textbooks you still have out? As the 2019-2020 school year unconventionally comes to a close, here are a few things to know about the end of school and locker clean out. 

  • What needs to be returned

Student material return and locker clean out will take place on Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22. Items such as text books, library books and uniforms will be dropped off in the cafeteria. Ninth through 11th graders may keep their Chromebooks until early July for summer school purposes. 

  • What to wear

Before entering the building, all students must wear masks and be illness-free. Students are no longer required to wear gloves, but adults will be. Face masks are crucial as they help prevent the airborne virus from being spread. 

  • Where to park

Students should park near the baseball field in the cafeteria parking lot to drop off materials. If you need to access a school or gym locker, park in the main lot and enter through the main or gym foyer. 

  • What time?

Students are instructed to come at certain times according to last name. Times are listed in the email sent out to all students. If you cannot attend your assigned time, come between 4-5 p.m. on Friday, May 22. Due to social distancing guidelines, having less students in the building at one time will be safer. 

  • What’s next?

2020 has been challenging but it is imperative to stay positive and move forward. As we head into summer, take time to appreciate everyone who continued to work during this difficult time; thank you to all to all the teachers, administration and staff.