Top Seven Holiday Songs To Dance To This Season


Rachel Ellis

Embracing the holiday vibes from the previous snow day, senior Sophie Ellis is anxious for the holidays to roll around. “My favorite part about the holidays is being with family. We all get together at least a couple times during the holidays and get to play games like spoons and left center right,” Ellis said.

 1.All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey  

One of the most popular Christmas songs of all time, it’s clear that the reason it’s so prominent is the energy and the beat of this song. Carey’s choice to hold the notes only add to the fun of singing along to this song. Personally, it is a year-round song. However, even if you only listen to holiday music in the season, I recommend jamming out to this song when you are ready to dance around the Christmas tree.

2.Baby It’s Cold Outside – Michael Bublè and Idina Menzel

Dean Martin’s version of Baby It’s Cold Outside is a classic, but it is time for a new twist, and this version is it. Having the female and male voices makes the song easy and more fun to sing along with. Having Bublè’s deep voice along with Menzel’s high, sharp voice, makes for a great mix. When listening to this song, singing along with friends is a must so that you can fill the two parts.

3.Mistletoe– Justin Bieber

This track is a unique spin on classic Christmas songs. As Bieber sings, the Christmas bells ringing in the background really sets the holiday mood, making this another personal favorite of mine. The song lyric, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Lights fill the streets, spreading so much cheer…” always fills me with joy and gives me the urge to this listen to this song while I drive down the snow-filled streets.

4.Santa Baby– Eartha Kitt

Although an old one, Kitt’s Santa Baby is for sure a sing-along. When the song is turned on, everyone generally gets excited and knows almost every word, typically bringing people together. You must listen to this song when you are writing your Christmas list, to get stellar ideas for what to ask for.

5.Feliz Navidad– Jose Feliciano  

This Spanish single is always a hit, even though many struggle to sing along. The Christmas song is a must for the holiday season and you need to listen to it. Feliciano plays this song with an acoustic guitar, as well as a Puerto Rican cuatro, a guitar-like instrument but with a violin shape. The song is a refresher, not being your typical holiday song. This is a fun song that I for sure recommend.

6.Santa Tell Me– Ariana Grande

This upbeat song has a pop music spin on the traditional Christmas song, making it very fun to listen to. Grande’s cheerful lyrics and high pitch voice only make the song more exciting. This song is great for dancing with your friends, or by even just by yourself.

7.The Chanukah Song– Adam Sandler

The clever rhymes in Sandler’s song elicit a good laugh. Hanukkah songs are often forgotten in the realm of holiday songs, but still deserves some good music to jam to. With that being said, this is great to listen to when picking out what to get your family or when you’re getting ready for the sun to set.