Back to the grind playlist

We’ve been in school for over a month now, but it never gets any easier. In order to help you get back into the grind (or watch your grades plummet), we made this playlist, appropriately titled “help we’re back at school.”

Now, we know that not everyone listens to the same music when they study, and some people don’t even listen to any music (which is confusing to someone like me who constantly has one earbud in no matter where I am). Taking these factors into consideration, this playlist is not necessarily for studying; it was created to imitate the mood that we’re all feeling right now: a deep feeling of procrastination and dread for upcoming grades.

My personal favorite from this playlist is “Morning in America” by Jon Bellion, which has a driving, steady beat throughout the whole song that produces a weirdly calming effect. Add that to the lyrics that listeners have come to expect from Bellion’s songs, like the iconic line repeated throughout the song “I’ve been trying to keep up with all of these great expectations / so I keep on faking,” and it becomes the perfect song to listen to on repeat on the way to school.

Other songs on the playlist with lyrics that hit home are “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend and Disclosure’s “F for You.” Vampire Weekend sings—on a superficial level—about grammar conventions that they think are stupid, which makes it the ideal track to blast when editing your English essay that’s due in the morning on two hours of sleep and a couple energy drinks. “F for you” isn’t specifically about school, but we can all relate to failing something, especially when it comes to math tests.

In terms of musical complexity, “leaves” by Miguel is the best song on the playlist. Miguel constantly delivers high quality ‘chill’ songs, but this one, which addresses the transition from summer to fall, is especially amazing. With a low key guitar riff throughout the whole song and minimal drum fills, the instruments really allow Miguel’s voice and lyrics to shine through, which speaks volumes for his level of musical ability.

And of course, no playlist would be complete without at least one Taylor Swift song. “…Ready for It?” is her latest single, and sounds nothing like Swift’s normal music. It sounds horrible in my car because of all the bass, but if you get a good pair of earbuds or a car that can actually play music instead of buzz, this song is a perfect follow up song to “Morning in America” for your drive to school.