Tron 2.0 game review


Alex Rossi

Step inside a computer as if you were walking on a circuit board.

Have you heard about the 1982 Tron movie from back in the day? There is an older game that many people have not heard about called “Tron 2.0.” “Tron 2.0” is first-person shooter computer game developed by Monolith Productions. “Tron 2.0” was a sequel to the 1982 Tron film, but in 2010 was declared non-canon to the film series Tron by Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski.

The campaign is set inside of a computer world. The goal of each level is to complete tasks and find keys as you progress through the levels. As the main player Jet Bradley, son of Alan Bradley, encounters combat that uses guns, rods, grenades, missiles and the iconic Identity disc.

For the main plot, Encom faces a takeover by a company called Future Control Industries, after the events from the destruction of the MCP (Master Control Program). Jet is then digitized by Ma3a to aid her in combating Thorne. He is an executive from fCon who was improperly digitized into the computer and is now a corruption spreading like a virus through the system. Jet is quickly, and mistakenly, identified as the source of the corruption, and is captured by Kernel, the system’s security control program.

This is a fantastic game yet an overlooked first-person shooter with some Role-playing elements. The campaign is full of large exploratory levels, variety of creative and fun-to-use weapons, and fantastic visuals that perfectly capture the classic Tron movie. With new enhanced graphics, today this game can look visually stunning at times with brightly light neon. There is also some surprisingly not-awful first person platforming, and few quite fun light cycle racing sequences.  Dealing with Old Monolith Productions quality, Killer App mod is strongly recommended as it adds support for modern widescreen resolutions as well as numerous fixes & improvements.

As far as first-person shooter games go, this is certainly one that should be in every gamer’s collection. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a good first-person shooter experience, and to anyone who enjoys a splash of role-playing game elements.

The Parkway West Pathfinder gives “Tron 2.0” a 9/10.