A Pentatonix Christmas review

A Pentatonix Christmas review

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They have done it again. Pentatonix, a Grammy Award winning acapella group, released their third Christmas album on Oct. 10, entitled “A Pentatonix Christmas,” it reached the No. 1 slot on the iTunes pop chart within the first week of release.

When I heard they were releasing another Christmas album last week, I almost groaned. As much as I love Pentatonix and Christmas, they’ve already covered 22 Christmas songs; how many more could there possibly be?

Honestly, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. The album actually blew away my (admittedly low) standards, and delivered new music as well as covers. Some of the songs were obscure (like “Coventry Carol”), but they were covered so beautifully that it was worth it. Any time that a song started to get dry and repetitive, they threw in Kevin Olusola’s cello and brought the performance to a whole new level that a purely acapella group simply can’t reach.

The top song on the album was “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” A classic Christmas song, there’s no way that you can go wrong with its timeless melody and easy rhythm. However, Pentatonix doesn’t leave it at good enough. The song is elevated to greatness by adding a solid bassline and a few of Scott Hoying’s incredible runs. It combines a little bit of the original song along with a folk sound, delivering a mind blowing final product.

Another great song was “White Christmas,” if not for anything but Avi Kaplan’s impossibly deep voice singing the intro to the song. He eventually goes back to just singing the bass line, but those thirty seconds of his voice in the spotlight are enough to launch this song into the top three on the album.

I am a little disappointed in the overall publicity of the album. Pentatonix only let the public know they had a Christmas album in the works a week before they released it, and even then it was only a singular Instagram post. “Hallelujah” was a good song, and was accompanied by a music video, but so far they have not released any other music videos for the album. For a band whose last holiday album won them a Grammy, went double-platinum and was the highest charting holiday album since 1962, their social media reach was surprisingly low.

If you are anything like me and want to listen to Christmas music over two months before the holiday actually occurs, listen to this album. Whether it’s classic holiday songs or new, pop-like carols, “A Pentatonix Christmas” has it all, and it’s all delivered at the same quality of their record breaking “That’s Christmas to Me” album. So cue up the tracks, pour yourself a hot mug of apple cider and get ready for the holiday season!