Seniors and freshmen summarize politicians’ viewpoints

donny boy
Gage Skidmore

“Donald Trump is very anti-immigration, he is even adamant about building a wall between us and Mexico and deporting every illegal immigrant that is currently in the United States.  He has made his position clear on immigration, but he’s very broad when talking about other issues; he gives his vague standpoint on an issuea good example is tax reform, he says that taxes need to go down because it will benefit big business – but he isn’t discussing how he plans on doing that,” freshman Justin Cupps said.  

“Donald Trump believes that Muslims should not be trusted, and wants to have them all carry or wear identification of their Muslim status, and generally be more wary of Muslims when it comes to surveillance,” freshman Meghan Stanfield said.

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benny boy
Gage Skidmore

“Ben Carson is looking to drop taxes on the upper and middle class and reform immigration, but not nearly as much as Trump.  He leans towards this idea that instead of deporting illegal immigrants, we should create a process to make illegal immigrants naturalized. He hasn’t made his stance on any other issues,” Cupps said.

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carly girl
Gage Skidmore

“Carly Fiorina has a ‘Three Page Tax Plan’ which is basically saying that our tax code, which is currently several thousand pages long, needs to be cut down to three,” Cupps said.  

“Carly Fiorina’s response to ISIS would be to mobilize the Sixth Fleet, which was a Cold War tactic, it was a nuclear fleet, in the Mediterranean Sea,” senior Robby Lasky said .  

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discount george
Gage Skidmore

“Jeb Bush wants to cut down on immigration, naturalize illegal immigrants, cut down taxes on the rich, and replace Obamacare with something he sees as more useful and steady. He’s widespread and nonspecific,” Cupps said .

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feelin it
Gage Skidmore

“Bernie Sanders says that if we raise taxes, we’ll have less people who are way above the general population, economically, that everyone would kind of be forced into a middle ground, which would be beneficial, as we have so many people in the U.S. who don’t have anything and we have very few who have everything.  He’s a self-proclaimed socialist, so people think he wants the government to control everything, but he doesn’t think that government should take over ‘the grocery store down the street.’ He believes that there are some things that we should have control over, because the working class is what’s keeping the economy afloat.  When they’re running their businesses, they should be supported.  The government shouldn’t take over everything, like everyone thinks he says, he sees the benefit in some privacy, but for the most part he does want to expand government,” senior Zoe Goff said.

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Hillary for Iowa

“You don’t really know much about Hillary Clinton’s stance on political issues, in the debates whenever they ask her questions she redirects them a lot.  I know that she is very democratic when it comes to a lot of things, and she enjoys reforms that involve women, specifically;  that’s the strong point of her campaign,” senior CJ Schreiber said.

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Gage Skidmore

“Martin O’Malley said something about boots on the ground in one of the democratic debates;  He got a letter from somebody saying ‘Don’t refer to the troops overseas as boots on the ground, because they’re people, they’re not just a set of boots,’ and he started calling people out on that.  He’s trying to calm the racial tensions, I know he did a lot of that in Baltimore when he was governor of Maryland,” Schreiber said.

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jonny boy
Michael Vadon


“John Kasich was the governor of Ohio, and he’s probably the most moderate of all of the Republican candidates.  In numerous statements he’s said he’s in support of gay marriage, and he’s very socially moderate and even socially liberal in a lot of instances.  In the second GOP debate, he was the only one to say that things like deporting 11 million people wouldn’t work, or that we can’t build a wall,” Lasky said.

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