NCAA kicks Baylor running back out for finding housing


Silas Nacita, former running-back for the Baylor Bears and straight-A student, was kicked off Baylor University’s football team for finding a home.

Nacita was removed from the team for accepting an undisclosed amount of money and housing from one of his supposedly close friends. He spent nights at various people’s dorms or apartments, and tried to get food wherever he could find it.

“Did you wake up under a roof? Did you have something to eat?” Nacita tweeted after being kicked off the team. “If yes, be thankful. There are millions in the world who didn’t.”

While he got into Baylor on an academic scholarship, he was a walk-on to the football team.

According to KWTX, Nacita was named Academic All-Big in 2014. The requirements for that nomination require the student-athlete to be at least in their second year of education and receive a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

He continued to uphold his academic achievements, getting past educational expenses by taking pictures of the textbook pages at the campus bookstore.

“Nacita began classes with a financial-aid package that included money for tuition but none for books,” Sports Illustrated reports.

Even with numerous monetary problems, he continued to do well at football. According to Fox Sports, Nacita has 191 rush yards, his rush average is 6.2 and he scored 3 touchdowns in 2014.

When an acquaintance offered him some money and a place to stay, Nacita accepted. However, NCAA rules prohibit financial aid from third-parties or any other such agents.

“Because I accepted that offer instead of choosing to be homeless, I am no longer eligible to play football and pursue my dream,” Nacita tweeted. “I had no idea I was breaking any rules, but I respect the decision of the NCAA.”

However, his teammates have continued to support him after his removal from the team.

Defensive end for the Baylor Bears Shawn Oakman wrote in a tweet, “Who is the NCAA to take someone’s dream from them because they can’t afford to live?”