Spending secrets of Valentine’s Day

Senior Hanna Wyland holds the gifts given to her by her boyfriend, as she gets ready to celebrate.

Hannah Wyland

Senior Hanna Wyland holds the gifts given to her by her boyfriend, as she gets ready to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day is no longer just all about love, gifts and romance. Americans on average spend $18.9 billion on Feb. 14 alone, but not just for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Americans are starting to use this holiday as an excuse just to spend their money.

“It’s just one of those holidays that you either like it or you don’t. It is portrayed through media when they throw stuff in your face for you to buy for your girlfriend or boyfriend, and it kind of sucks whenever you can’t buy that for them because you don’t have one, but I think it is really cool because the day after everything is 50 percent off,” sophomore Mackenzie Naylor said.

In Brad Tuttle’s Article about Valentine’s Day spending, this Valentine’s Day, one quarter of men who are spending money, will spend it on significant others just because they feel obligated to.

“The day before Valentine’s Day you always break up with your girlfriend so then you don’t have to worry about giving them a gift, and then the day after Valentine’s Day you told them that you were sorry and then you get back together and it saves you 100 bucks. My ideal date would be to order a dominos pizza and a large regular coke and I would eat and then watch a movie and go to bed. And I wouldn’t mind having date with me either,” Science teacher Charlie Cutelli said.

According to the article six Totally Unromantic Truths About Valentine’s Day Spending, one in five women will buy Valentine’s Day gifts for themselves. Statistically, men only spend their money on their significant others, whereas women who are not in a relationship still like to spend money on themselves on the holiday.

“I like Valentine’s Day because it is different then most holidays I guess, it’s not all about food and it is more about the gifts. This Valentine’s Day my boyfriend is going to take me out to dinner and then to the movies. I also can’t wait to give him his gift which is some new cologne,” freshman Kennedy Silverberg said.

According to Time Magazine, it is known that the longer the relationship you are in, the less money you will spend. Men and women in newer relationships will likely spend more on their significant other, rather than couples who have been together for longer.

“My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is surprising the person that you care about most with a gift, but it is not all about the price. This year, for my boyfriend I am going to give him balloons and attach a picture of us with a love note on the back of each one. I just like to be creative on Valentines and try new things,” senior Kaylie Duffel said.