POW: Taylor Klein, 12


“What is Piece By Piece?”

“It’s a charity I came up with my freshman year. I got a group of friends together and we go around asking people to pledge money based on how many pieces of candy we get trick or treating on Halloween. We go around neighborhoods wearing shirts that say Piece by Piece on them with the charity we are sponsoring. Most people pledge five cents per piece, and this year we collect 500 pieces, so our pledgers donated around $20 each.”

“What inspired you to start this charity?”

“I was looking for a way to make a difference. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I know I’m too old to go trick or treating, so I turned it into a way to raise money instead.”

“What do you feel is the biggest reward from starting Piece By Piece?”

“Meeting all of the generous people throughout the process. Every year, the same guy pledges 25 cents and ends up writing a check for $100. He always wants to maximize how he can help and it makes me feel good knowing I’ve met people who care so much.”

“What has made you want to continue to do it? How do you plan on keeping it going?”

“Well this is actually the last year I’m doing it since I’m not exactly sure how convenient it’ll be to trick or treat in college. But I’ve kept this going for four years, and now I can just think of a new way to help to community.”

“How did you choose which charity or organization you raised money for?”

“I shadowed someone with special needs over the summer. His mother was the one who introduced me to Team Activities for Special Kids (TASK), the charity for this year. Last year we raised $1,000.”