Trivia Crack Popularity

Student Kennedy Silverberg takes a break from studying  to play Trivia crack .

Sydney Veltman

Student Kennedy Silverberg takes a break from studying to play Trivia crack .

A recent game has flooded the halls. Trivia Crack was released on Oct. 26, 2013 but has recently caught the eye of the student body. The game consists of 1000’s of trivia questions that are broken down into six different categories; Science, History, Sports, Art, Entertainment and Geography. Using Facebook, player are able to find their friends and compete against them for first place on the leaderboards.

“It’s so fun and addicting, I can’t stop playing! What makes the app so fun is being able to compete against your friends,”junior Lily Briscoe said.

The game is the number one app on the market in the U.S. and Canada. The most popular in-app purchase is for a $.99 recharge allowing extra play; prices go up to $99 for a pack of 1,300 virtual coins.

“It is a great affordable game that allows you to test your knowledge on certain subjects. I found out about the game one day at school when my friends were playing with it at lunch. It has been hard to do my homework lately because of how addicting it is,” senior Peter Back said.

Trivia Crack has educational value.

“With over 100,000 questions, most of them relate to topics in school, it serves as a great way to train your brain for school,” senior Libby Dodge said.

The creator of Trivia Crack is Etermax’s CEO, Maximo Cavazzani. Etermax is based in Argentina. The game started out as an Latin American based game but quickly spread to the U.S. Over the past month, 62 million people have downloaded the game with a rate of about 50 thousand downloads per day in the U.S. alone.

“When a game becomes popular everyone seems to be talking about it. You can take a glance in the hallway and the majority of students are playing it,” sophomore Evan Stanley said.

Etermax’s success with Trivia Crack was first noticed in Spain, where the company believes hispanics helped transition the game to the United States.

The game is ultimately suited for all types of people no matter of age, gender, or race. It is an awesome way to connect people in a way that is fun and educational at the same time. You do not see that very often,” junior Andrea Gordon said.