“Pop Psychology” album review

With its vibrantly colored album cover and upbeat tunes, Neon Trees’ third studio album Pop Psychology proves to be one of the catchiest tracks in the pop-rock genre. The band’s singer-songwriter Tyler Glenn’s light melodies mixed with witty lyrics about finding true love shapes the album into something unique, yet widely familiar in the music industry. Although the album seems to be all sugar-coated catchiness, the tracks are based off of modern-day relationships and Glenn’s therapy sessions.

Opening with an 80s sounding track, “Love In The 21st Century” describes modern relationships with the influence of technology. The song itself seems to set the theme for the whole album about what relationships are like now as opposed to many years ago.

Following this theme is the next song “Text Me In The Morning,” another upbeat synthesized melody with quirky lyrics about falling in love overnight. Although the theme of the album seems deep, Pop Psychology is substantially immature compared to their previous works. The songs are fun to listen to, but they bring a strange boy-band sound with them.

Out of the 11 songs on the album, most popular track is “Sleeping With A Friend”, highlighting the entanglements that come along with a friend-with-benefits. The lyrics successfully embody everything that someone might feel if they were in that situation, especially when it comes down to deciding if they are more than friends and if their actions are worth all the effort. Though it’s a tad slower than the band’s other hits,“Sleeping With A Friend” is a great addition to the album.

Despite the album’s catchiness and light 80s tunes, Neon Trees brought nothing new to the table. Pop Psychology will probably be a rather well-liked album by previous Neon Trees fans, but there is nothing unique that stands out in the music to draw in new listeners.

The Pwest Pathfinder gives Pop Psychology a 6.7/10