Seniors sleeping in?


Jacob Cupps

Seniors Kindermarie Williams and Laura Santangelo hang out together in the senior lounge during second lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

Kicking off the senior’s tradition of dressing up on late start days, the class of 2014 came dressed in their pajamas on Sept. 18.

“Dressing up makes me more excited about my senior year. I love getting involved in school,” senior class president Laura Santangelo said.

Santangelo came up with the idea for pajamas and posted it on the class’ Facebook page.

“Seniors have always dressed up for late start days. As a group, we’ve thrown around a lot of ideas. Part of the fun of doing this is the underclassmen don’t have any idea what we’re doing until we get there,” Santangelo said.

Santangelo guessed that maybe 70 or 80 students out of the class of 220 had dressed up.

“A little under half the class dressed up, and I was hoping there would be more. As a senior, you have to go big, and you might as well have fun doing so,” senior Emily Judd said.

Judd dressed in the most comfortable things she could find around her house.

“I wore Spongebob slippers, which were a good choice because everybody loves Spongebob. Also, I saw people dressed in nightgowns, which was pretty cool,” Judd said.

The class has considered ideas like hippie day, camo day, twin day and many more.

“Part of dressing up is the fact that it’s a right of passage. I’ve seen the seniors before me do it, and now I have my own chance to do it and continue the tradition,” Santangelo said.